Monday, April 17, 2006


Something happened where blogging became uncool. When this happened, I decided it is cool again. Now there will be blogging again.

It's tax day. This is the day when all the money we need to build bridges and roads and to fund after-school programs and tree-planting initiatives, and the money we need to pay for the education of our future youth and to pay for the respectful and dignified care for our former future youth, and the money we need to pay for tanks and guns and international aid is collected in little sacks by men with pikes on horses. I gave $3500 to the cause this year.

I finally found one group of people who I will now not only stop berating for not voting, but actively encourage to remain outside the political system. They are the members of the armed forces. It occurs to me(unoriginally) that the responsibility to act as a tool of civilian political authority is something that should not be mixed with party politics in any way. Kudos to our Swiss Army!