Thursday, February 09, 2006

Group Consciousness Titling. Advertising. On the go.

Thank you to Planetarium for pointing out The Superficial. It is a bit creepy that an idiotic and intentional meaningless grammatical misusage like "The Superficial" would be used by more than one author independently. The superficial what? What is happening? This is almost as bad as the excessive use in advertising of Meaningful. Periods. We as Americans have descended into the deepest chasm of tastelessness when a perfectly reasonable and convincing sentence like "Hot food on the go" which would really make a person seriously consider trudging down to the Glockenspiel or Pineda Tacos has to be bastardized into "Hot. Food. On the Go." All this makes us want to do is send a telegram. Plus, it's a command form. What about "Wouldn't you like to eat some hot food at the Muddy Pig right about now? Please come on by if you get hungry and we'll serve you whatever you'd like off of our menu. Have a fun day if you'd like."? The public would even settle for "Hot food, on the go." Because at least we get a comma out of the deal.


Blogger KR said...

We no longer can send Telegrams so we will use the period in our advertising.

Blogger "Carl" said...

I don't get it.

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