Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Even Dwarves Started Like Shit

One time I saw this movie that was really bad. It was last night, in fact. The movie(film!) was Werner Herzog's Even Dwarves Started Small. I can't believe I didn't like with such fervor something Herzog made. When you start to ask yourself seriously whether a movie would have been made were the entire cast not comprised of little people you know you're in some serious shit. While there are some images that will be difficult to shake(examples: little person acting the matador to a driverless '40's ambulance, "blind" insane little people sitting on a dead sow), this is not a good thing in this case. While Aguirre the Wrath of God is something descended from heaven, this film is something forced up from hell, or at best, the State Fair.

Another thing I was disappointed with: Someone led me to believe this film(movie!) had something to do with Crispin Glover. Unless Crispin Glover is some sort of alchemist gnome(jury is still out!), the fact that Herzog and his trained mad dwarves were performing their peyote freak-out in front of full studio rigging in 1971 leads me to believe that, well, I was misled. Intensely.


Blogger planetarium said...

Wow. You realize that your review makes what is likely a horrible movie actually sound WAY intriguing. Must...resist....adding...to Netflix....queue!

Resistance successful.

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