Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Guest of the Week!

Introducing our youngest, most agile idea yet! The Guest Blogger!

First guest: An unnamed Minneapolis resident!

Topic of the Week: British Sport.


"Formula One is for pussies. I don't care how fast they go, they don't pass each other and it's boring as hell.

David Beckham is Spanish now, and a damn fine ball player, but should never be forgiven for
the fauxhawk or for lengthening the public spotlight on Posh Spice.

Any game that requires white outfits is a good game. Cricket and Wimbledon are to be lauded.

And hey, Great Britain, thanks for bowling."

Guest Blogger review:

Finely tuned and acerbic. Why no mention of the most fascinating British sport of all; hovercrafting? Bonus points for use of the word "pussies," extra bonus points for using the word "pussies" in reference to the British. All in all, not enough negative things to say about Britons. Excellent job considering the pressure of firsthood.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Photo of the Week: The Return!