Thursday, August 04, 2005

Oh My Christ.

Updating this shit is about the last thing on my mind. My job is awesome slash sucks: I never understood when people talked about waking up in the middle of the night thinking about work. I'm thinking about giving up coffee.

I did find the time to read an excellent book that wiped the Ayn Rand residue right out of my brain, thankfully. "Ball Four," by Jim Bouton. I kept imagining him as being a gaunt, skinny guy with a mustache, but it turns out he looks like a marine or a Pontiac middle-manager.

And showed my dear mother a terrible time by continuing to work long hours straight through her nine-day visit. I am such an asshole: Happy Birthday to my favorite sister, Jennifer. I called her on August first, but the line beeped at me and I never called back. Soon I will be rich and begin construction on my Fun-Family Chateau, where there will be pandas and one of those sauna machines that just your head sticks out of and the entirety of my relations will be welcome there forever.

Also: the space shuttle Discovery plans to explode on reentry in the next week or so. Bold prediction: The space shuttle will not actually explode. This reminds me that I must comment on the fact that NASA has scrapped its visionary plans for the next generation of spaceship because they dreamed too big. Now it's back to regular old boring rockets with pods on the top. I realize there are probably excellent reasons for this, but I can't help but be disappointed with the can't-do spirit this represents. Space is the final frontier! That and the bottom of the ocean, I hear.

Perhaps soon I will take stock of the upcoming pennant stretch-run in baseball with my updated predictions! Ooh!

And, finally: Closed circuit to Mark Karcz: I have begun implementing a plan which will allow me to purchase the Datsun 280 you so crave and were so kind as to not purchase. Maybe that will convince you that you MUST move back to St. Paul.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should also build a Band-Fun Chateau when you become rich. It must include skee-ball and a large Russian woman who bakes pastries all day.


Anonymous Proud Dad Bear said...

B. Alec Hecker rocks! I don't know how that regular-size head can old that much brain! He spews forth great insights on a daily (or nightly) basis. Wish "W" and other whirled leaders would pay attention to him.

I continue to be impressed and amazed, and long for the coming of the family Compound.


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