Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My New Endless Project

So some guy gave me a 1975 Honda CB550-Four Super Sport. It does not run. I will make it run. I've always wanted a motorcycle to sit in my shed for years after I've taken it apart and lost interest in putting it back together. This is my opportunity and I intend to seize it.

My new bike.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mine's cooler and green, but the wheel is over here and the fork there. It starts though, which makes it cool. It would be totally lame if by the end of next week your bike wasn't running. You don't want to be lame do you? Making this a LAME BLOG.

Blogger B. Alec said...

I won't be lame. I need to buy a battery post haste. Tomorrow morning I'm going to this big used parts dealer in Shakopee to get stuff. You have to help me replace my clutch handle assuming I can get the engine to start. It turns over.

Blogger miro said...

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