Thursday, May 19, 2005


And in other news, there was a creepy documentary on the television this evening that featured Orson Welles narrating with a surprisingly Jonathan Frakes-esque delivery about that famous art-forging expert, de Hory(that's his name, right?). I, equipped only with my casual observance of art, thought it was excellent. Seriously though, what the hell happened to Orson Welles? It reminded me of something I heard recently in reference to James Dean about men who instead of looking older as they age, just turn into boy-men. I have two gray hairs on either side of my head.

I'd like to add a comment to the previous entry. When I referred to Adam Waterman's "po-mo autocritique," it was supposed to come across as reverent awe. Really it was just a mask of my own insecurities. Let's not Dr. Phil this to death.

Also, having seen the name "Werewolf Town" written in another context has convinced me to end this experiment. While I don't have any emotion invested in titling my blog "Superficial," it does have a sort of po-mo autocritique aspect that I kind of like.


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