Saturday, May 28, 2005

Out of the Wild.

Less moose party, more whiskey party. I caught a frog with my bare hands. I thought about eating it like a popcorn shrimp, because it was cold and I was hungry and had only instant mashed potatoes cooked in buggy water to look forward to, but I let it go instead. Also, I carried an enormous amount of weight in the form of a huge, tent-filled backpack and a 45 pound canoe through mucky hills. All there is to say about it is "240 rods." I survived by forming the pain into a tiny, viscous black ball and hiding it in my cerebellum. This somehow made me more of a man. I have a moustache, I caught a fish; fear me.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Into the Wild?

Moose party.

I fully expect my trip to the Boundary Waters to look a lot like this famous moose party, captured in photograph in 1998 by moosologist Daniel Weaver in Southern Canada. Note the complex relationships in this picture between moose with different sized antlers.


Thursday, May 19, 2005


And in other news, there was a creepy documentary on the television this evening that featured Orson Welles narrating with a surprisingly Jonathan Frakes-esque delivery about that famous art-forging expert, de Hory(that's his name, right?). I, equipped only with my casual observance of art, thought it was excellent. Seriously though, what the hell happened to Orson Welles? It reminded me of something I heard recently in reference to James Dean about men who instead of looking older as they age, just turn into boy-men. I have two gray hairs on either side of my head.

I'd like to add a comment to the previous entry. When I referred to Adam Waterman's "po-mo autocritique," it was supposed to come across as reverent awe. Really it was just a mask of my own insecurities. Let's not Dr. Phil this to death.

Also, having seen the name "Werewolf Town" written in another context has convinced me to end this experiment. While I don't have any emotion invested in titling my blog "Superficial," it does have a sort of po-mo autocritique aspect that I kind of like.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Werewolf Town

I'm thinking of renaming my blog Werewolf Town. I'm not sure why, but it sounds pretty good, right? Is it too catchy? I feel it might give me the psychological edge over the competition, which just got stiffer(or at least more heavily credentialed) with the appearance of a blog by Adam Waterman, he of the "po-mo autocritique" set. I started out with the hopes of being able to add something heady to the "Blogtress" being constructed on the internet, but it looks like all I can add is one more prediction of baseball standings(note the accuracy of the prediction though!), some personal anecdotes, and the occasional rant that makes no sense.

Werewolf Town? If you find yourself unable to find my blog someday, don't panic. It's been renamed and redirected to We'll see.

In other news, I did not get the opportunity to meet former Vice President Walter Mondale this morning as I had expected. He had some unplanned occurence. Instead I got to meet with a partly hostile contingent of high-priced lawyers at an undisclosed Minneapolis lawfirm. How exciting! We ate Pizza Luce and drank from water bottles labeled with the name of the lawfirm instead of "Evian." I am so going to be a lawyer when I grow up.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Day One

Not so much with Sunday Baseball today as it was necessary to meet with my new boss and go on an informative door-knocking walk around the ward. Baseball is still the king. I would have hit many homeruns and struck out many batters had I been able to attend. I let my team down and they won't let me forget it.

In other news, I bought one of those weekly planner notebook/binder things from Office Maxxx. I felt like a junior executive or Michael J. Fox in "Bright Lights, Big City," which, as fun as it sounds, actually makes me want to drive off a cliff.

I am filled with the hopeful anticipation of a 15 year-old. I hope that wears off soon. Or not.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Reality Check.

I got a real job. The immediate effect has been a weird feeling of fear/illness mixed with wooziness.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Weather Note

It's 34 degrees in May. I'm going to kill everyone.

Monday, May 02, 2005


I can't resist talking about baseball, I just can't. One reason I can't is that Twins middle reliever Juan Rincon tested positive for steroids. They say you've got to watch out for those relievers and the juice since they've got to pitch on a day's notice and are always struggling for a job. Well, it looks like Rincon, who until now had no good nickname but will henceforth be known as Juan Roidcon or Roid Rincon or Juan Androstenrincon, had the cream to thank for his breakout 11-6 season last year. If only being a little beefier had helped him hold the Yankees in the playoffs. The other reason I have to talk about baseball is that I didn't get to play it this Sunday, due to fucking snow! End of baseball rant.

Takashi Miike Hatin'

I wanted to be able to tell people I'm a huge Miike fan, because it sounds so cool. After seeing and hating the disappointing Happiness of the Katakuris, I went for the one you're supposed to see first to find out what the fuss is all about. Sadly, Ichi the Killer has made its way onto my shockingly small list of movies I didn't even care to finish. I can see why people like the movie; it's got that cool, fast thing going for it, and the lead character seems like he ought to be interesting. The complete lack of content sinks this movie. I don't need to be seeing a guy fucking a woman while punching her in the face unless it's critical to the plot or to proving a really good point, something other than "if you do this sort of thing you're the bad guy." At least there could have been some ambiguity in any one of the lead characters, but instead we get Ichi himself, who's unrealistically insane and Kakihara, who's unrealistically sadistic. Maybe, just maybe you have to watch the end of the movie to "get it," but I'm just not willing to put up with the uberviolent journey. Until I see otherwise, I'm putting Miike in the "unrealized potential" category.