Saturday, April 02, 2005

Spring Training Special Part 4: Awards

MVP: Johan Santana: 24 wins, 300K, 2.15ERA. First pitcher MVP since Eck.
Cy Young: Johan Santana; Can't win the MVP without the Cy Young, now, can we?
Manager of the Year: Ron Gardenhire: This is like giving Morgan Freeman an Oscar.
Rookie of the Year: Um, Ruben Gotay?
Homerun Leader: Alex Rodriguez; they say he's concentrating on hitting now; yikes.

MVP: Carlos Beltran; Called the Mets the "New Mets;" has to win the MVP or else.
Cy Young: I really want to say Pedro, but I'm going with Tim Hudson, who will slay.
Manager of the Year: Willie Randolph. I am on the Mets bandwagon until it crashes into the sea.
Rookie of the Year: How the fuck should I know? Somebody on the Rockies.
Homerun Leader: Jim Thome: that ballpark is silly. Thome for President.

First off-field arrest: Barry Bonds: for tax evasion.
First on-field arrest: Milton Bradley for attacking the Philly Phanatic.
Comeback Player of the Year: Not Joe Mays. How about Richie Sexson? Esteban Loiaza? Cool.

World Series: I guess I accidentally predicted another Subway Series. Well, screw that, it's not happening. I'm still going with the Mets, since they can't have facial hair anymore and that's always a good sign. They get taken out by the baby Twins. I swear this looks like a real possibility. Just look at the Twins lineup for a minute. Of course, when a team looks that good on paper something terrible always happens to them. Still: Twins in six.

Next up: A break from sports. I promise. The Pope just died and everything.


Blogger B. Alec said...

What the hell. ESPN just predicted a Twins championship too. I'm pissed.

Anonymous km said...

Mvp – Alex Rodriguez
Cy Young – Randy Johnson
Rookie – Swisher
Mgr – Alan Trammel
HR – Alex Rodriguez

MVP – Nomar
CY Young – Carlos Zambrano
Rookie – someone on the brewers
HR Leader – Thome
MGR – Ned Yost (or whoever manages the brewer)


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