Friday, April 22, 2005


Shim Sham Shufflers.

Local tapdance troupe performing at Triple Rock.

Photo of the Week


Writing papers takes alot out of you. June will be a blogfest! Anyone know more than me about Bankruptcy Reform? NO....yes.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Upon Further Review...

More information for those of you dying of curiosity about the Peruvian/Ecuadoran conflict and too lazy to research independently. This is the result of my google search:

The conflict between the regions has roots in the Incan(of Cuzco/Peru) conquest of the kingdom of Quito(Ecuador) in the 1500s.
In 1941, Ecuador denounced the boundaries set by Spain in the early 1800's, and claimed 125,000 sq. miles of Peruvian land, and the two countries fought a brief war, which Ecuador lost badly.
The 1942 Rio de Janiero Protocol set vague borders between the two countries in a remote part of the Amazon. This agreement decreased the size of Ecuador by 50%.
Ecuador has since denounced this treaty as well and a dispute has centered over the largely unmapped area around the Cordillera de Condor mountain range. Active conflict broke out in 1981 and 1995, when an Ecuadoran helicopter bombed a Peruvian military installation well within Peruvian territory. A hill known as Tiwintza holds special significance as Ecuadoran troops successfully defended it against Peruvian attacks during the 1995 war, also known as the Alto-Cenepa War.
Some speculation over the motives of each side for the 1995 war:
That Ecuador initiated the conflict to support increases in its military budget.
That Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori welcomed the conflict for similar reasons or to gain support in his re-election bid.
According to the U.S. Institute of Peace the natural resources(including oil and gold) of the Cordillera de Condor are insignificant.
An agreement was signed in 1998 setting the border according to Peru's wishes, but granting possession of Tiwintza within Peru to Ecuador, though under Peruvian sovereignty.

Conclusion: Not worth getting shot over. Also, I'm sure the story is not this simple. Border disputes are never just about the tiny strips of land in question. See Kashmir, Gaza, Rhineland, Korean DMZ, etc. I guess increased military budgets might be enough of a motive, but it seems a little weak.

Hugo in the jungle.

Photo of the Week

My Ecuadoran friend Hugo on a pony. Apparently there was some sort of war in 1998 between Peru and Ecuador in which Peru took all of Ecuador's oilfields. Hugo says this ended up cutting Ecuador in half. He got shot in the arm in the jungle, which is pretty fucked up. Question: Why have I never heard of this war? Am I the only one? Question two: Why does the Ecuadoran army still use ponies?

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Spring Training Special Part 4: Awards

MVP: Johan Santana: 24 wins, 300K, 2.15ERA. First pitcher MVP since Eck.
Cy Young: Johan Santana; Can't win the MVP without the Cy Young, now, can we?
Manager of the Year: Ron Gardenhire: This is like giving Morgan Freeman an Oscar.
Rookie of the Year: Um, Ruben Gotay?
Homerun Leader: Alex Rodriguez; they say he's concentrating on hitting now; yikes.

MVP: Carlos Beltran; Called the Mets the "New Mets;" has to win the MVP or else.
Cy Young: I really want to say Pedro, but I'm going with Tim Hudson, who will slay.
Manager of the Year: Willie Randolph. I am on the Mets bandwagon until it crashes into the sea.
Rookie of the Year: How the fuck should I know? Somebody on the Rockies.
Homerun Leader: Jim Thome: that ballpark is silly. Thome for President.

First off-field arrest: Barry Bonds: for tax evasion.
First on-field arrest: Milton Bradley for attacking the Philly Phanatic.
Comeback Player of the Year: Not Joe Mays. How about Richie Sexson? Esteban Loiaza? Cool.

World Series: I guess I accidentally predicted another Subway Series. Well, screw that, it's not happening. I'm still going with the Mets, since they can't have facial hair anymore and that's always a good sign. They get taken out by the baby Twins. I swear this looks like a real possibility. Just look at the Twins lineup for a minute. Of course, when a team looks that good on paper something terrible always happens to them. Still: Twins in six.

Next up: A break from sports. I promise. The Pope just died and everything.