Thursday, March 31, 2005

Spring Training Special Part 3

National League Predictions:

1. New York Mets: Omar Minaya's offseason moves are awesome. Pedro, Carlos, and Kazuhisa solidify the rotation and the lineup. Reign of Atlanta terror comes to an end. For real.
2. Atlanta Braves: That said, this is a good team. Smoltz as a starter is a bust.
3. Philadelphia Phillies: Still not enough pitching. Thome hits 53.
4. Florida Marlins: This is a very good division...
5. Las Vegas Nationals: Better, but still not good. Bright spots; Loiaza, Guillen, Hernandez.

1. St. Louis Cardinals: Hard to argue with adding Mulder. Renteria's absence hurts more than you'd think.
2. Milwaukee Brewers: Seriously, this is my pick. The Arizona trade pays off this year. Carlos Lee destroys, Doug Davis is awesome, we get to see Cecil Fielder's kid in September.
3. Houston Astros: Too many lost players, too many old players.
4. Chicago Cubs: How's Joe Mauer over Mark Prior look now?
5. Pittsburgh Pirates: Need to make good on plan to study and replicate Twins organization. Won't help this year.
6. Cincinnati Reds: Why are there six teams in this division?

1. San Diego: I like their starters and this is a very bad division. Need a closer and an offense.
2. Los Angeles: No Adrian Beltre, no chance. Gagne goes down hard from Roid withdrawal.
3. San Francisco: Average age of 46 years old.
4. Arizona Snakes: Big Unit not so stacked after all. Shawn Green turns awesome, Javy Vazquez strikes out 240, Greg Aquino blows 20 saves. Bad times.
5. Colorado Rockies: Maybe they should think about a pressurized dome. Will never win a World Series, ever. Plus side? Don't need andro.

St. Louis takes Atlanta out like Puff Daddy if you didn't vote.
New York gets to humiliate the Padres. Man that sounds like an awesome series.

NLCS: New York, New York. Minaya shoots Steinbrenner in the face, pees in Yankee Stadium, Pedro wins game 7.

There is zero chance I will be wrong.

Kazuhisa Ishii, no relation, copyright infringed.


Anonymous km said...

1 – marlins
2 – braves
3 – phillies
4 – mets (off season moves will be a bust)
5 – Nationals

1 – Cubs (Prior over Mauer still looks good)
2 – Cardinals (Mulder will battle Pedro to be the biggest bust)
3 – Brewers (surprise team of year – will battle until September
4 – Pirates
5 – Astros (will Roger be in a Red Sox or Yankees uniform at the end of the year?)
6 – Reds

1 – Padres
2 – Giants
3 – Dodgers
4 – Dbacks
5 - Rockies

Blogger B. Alec said...

I know you want the Cubs to win, but seriously. I'm glad you're with me on the Brewers. If I was from another country that would be my favorite team.

Anonymous km said...

i cannot see the cardinals having the same year they had last year - the A's seemed to have no problem getting rid of Mulder - their GM is good at trading players that may have peaked - plus renteria is gone - he was the main cub killer over the years

Blogger B. Alec said...

Yeah, but the Cubs lose Sosa and Alou and their pitching is injury-prone, plus a weak-ass bullpen. Pujols, Rolen, Edmonds.


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