Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sad Clowns

It's apparently official that the change of ownership at Midway's finest bar, the Turf Club, will have a negative impact on its coolness. Reports indicate stalwart booking agents/barkeeps Dave Weigart and Rob Rule have left the organization and that the Clown Lounge has already been destroyed. While the Turf has gotten mixed reviews over the years, I find it hard to believe anyone could not be at least a little sad at its transformation. I for one feel for Rob and Dave, two of the nicest local semi-celebrities you'll ever meet. As for the Turf itself, my initial reaction is that they've alienated at least a substantial portion of the enormous built-in crowd at a bar in an area that has had only the Turf itself as a major destination. How well that works out for the ownership probably depends on who they put in charge of booking and how well they smooth the transformation. Judging on the swiftness of the decision to kill the Clown Lounge, it doesn't look too good. Conclusion: Damn.


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